Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brick Party Prep Part 1

The big day is just a few days away. I can't believe my 'little guy' is turning 6! Just seems like yesterday I was in the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday delivering him at half time.

On to the party, W has had a few obsessions lately- robots, space and Legos. He settled on Legos after explaining that I was not going to try and work three themes into his party. I always think having a party at home is such a great idea, until I start putting all the work that goes into planning and executing one. Thankfully I had a friend's daughter over for most of the day today so I had a distraction for my two. I finished with two of the most time consuming projects of the party, yay!

Here's the first:

Brick Crayons
I was passed down a huge bag of crayons from friend at work's daughter who had moved out. This was the perfect opportunity to use some of them. All you have to do is peel them, break them into pieces and put them into the mold. It takes about 2 full size crayons per brick crayon.

Then, I put them into the microwave for a minute and then checked on them. I repeated it until it was all melty. It was really cold out today so I put it on a cooling rack and put it on the deck outside and they cooled really quickly. They're a little hard to pop out of the mold, but I managed to make 30.